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Would you like to sell our high-quality, Japanese-made products, such as our GAS Glass Primer, a product gaining attention in the Asia region, as well as paints, coating agents, and car detailing product, in your country or region?
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Nano Glass MembraneMAXIMUM SHINE CAR CARETivox

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MAXIMUM SHINE CAR CARE (Korea)Ti Huang International Enterprise Company (Taiwan)
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  • Automotive repairs

  • Manufacturing

  • Building/home maintenance

  • Ships and aviation

Although many of our products were designed and developed for automotive repair shops, they are now used in a wide variety of industries. Our products are used in a wide range of fields, including not only small local workshops but at the R&D department at chemical manufacturers or on mechanical equipment, hotel and building maintenance, as well as ships and airplanes. There must be many uses for our products in your country, too.



Planning, development, and sales of paint and paint-related products
Our company was established in 2004 to sell DuPont’s automotive repair paint “Centari” in west Japan. While President Katsuhisa Suzuki had been wholesaling tools and paint peripherals for the automotive aftermarket, he was attracted by the potential of DuPont’s automotive repair paint and decided to challenge himself in paint sales. While the company started out with no customers, Katsuhisa used the knowledge and connections gained in the automotive aftermarket to gradually build up a customer base.
To further satisfy the increasing number of customers, the company began carrying coating, polishing items, and paints with a high level of design. The company sought and sold high-quality products not from famous, household name brands, but from startups and products intended for different industries. This style of planning, developing, and selling high-quality products that were new to the customer has been handed down from the foundation of the company to this day.
Encountering special adhesion improvement technology and Development of “GAS Glass Primer.”:
An inevitable problem in selling a variety of paints is peeling (poor adhesion). It was right when Katsuhisa was looking for a solution to this problem of poor adhesion that he made his fateful encounter with a technology that would improve adhesion. We put our heart into taking this technology, which had been only used in production lines for mass production, and making it easy for even small car repair shops to use. Though we encountered all kinds of problems from the start, these were overcome one by one, culminating in “GAS Glass Primer.” in 2010. While the original device, called the “GGP Movable KIT”, was large and came in an attaché case, the following “GGP. 100” was compact and wearable, and the current “GGP.-X” is even more compact and comes equipped with a pressure adjustment feature. The ”GAS Glass Primer.” will continue to evolve with the customer in mind.
From Japan to the World:
Over the past few years, we have been grateful to receive an increasing number of inquiries from outside Japan. At the same time, our staff has grown, and we are getting ready to try some new things. Starting now, we would like to establish cooperative systems with business partners outside Japan and offer our products in a wider range of areas. We are looking forward to the day we can be your partner.
Company name
Representative Director
Katsuhisa Suzuki
2-3-15, Tsutsui-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, 651-0071, Japan
April 2004
Capital Stock
12 million yen (as of August 31, 2018)