“nano GSM coating” is a paint that forms a silver plating-style coating film. The paint includes silver nanoparticles, forming a silver layer of several microns on the coated surface. It is easier and safer to use than real plating. It also takes fewer steps and has a more stable finish than paints that use the silver mirror reaction.

Easy Installation:
Just spraying it on with a normal spray gun produces a coating film with the gloss, reflection, and sense of luxury like a silver plating.
Special equipment is not required. Work can be done in any place with general spray coating and drying equipment (electric drying oven is best).

Since it contains no lead, mercury, or hexavalent chromium, it is not subject to the RoHS directive or other regulations.
Unlike plating, there are no film coating fragments that can cause injury.
It can also be disposed of like ordinary paint, making troublesome waste liquid treatment unnecessary.


“HYPER METAL GLOW” is a high-luminance metallic paint. The thin aluminum fragments produce a highly luminous metallic surface with a sense of luxury. Its texture is less particulate than ordinary metallics and has a slightly deeper finish compared to the shine of metal plating. We offer two varieties of brightness, “Light” and “Dark”.
“HYPER MOON GLOW” is a high-luminance hologram paint. Its particles are finer and texture is smoother than conventional hologram paint. There is both the regular product and “HYPER MOON GLOW EX” with a stronger hologram effect.

Easy Installation:
Special equipment is not required. As long as you have ordinary spray coating and drying equipment (electric drying oven is best), you can easily get a metallic or hologram coat finish.
“HYPER METAL GLOW“ and “HYPER MOON GLOW” use the same undercoat and topcoat. A variety of looks can be achieved just by changing the middle coat.


Automotive Industry:
Interiors and exteriors of automobile and motorbike (repainting plated parts, dashboard, aluminum wheel, etc.)

Manufacturing Industry:
Built-to-order manufacturing and modeling (prototypes), small-scale production, manufacturing with short deadlines, in-house production of plated parts.

Signs, interior and exterior metal fixtures, furnishings, etc.