GAS Glass Primer.

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About “GAS Glass Primer.”

“GAS Glass Primer.” is the small device which increases wettability and removes static electricity at the same time .
It improves the quality of coating, print and adhesion, by promoting adhesion between the surface and paint, ink or adhesive agent.

2 effects of “GAS Glass Primer.”

“GAS Glass Primer.” dramatically improves the quality of works with 2 effect.

  • Increase hydrophilicity of the surface.
    Increasing hydrophilicity makes adhesion of paint, ink and adhesive stronger, a better leveling (flatness) and prevents mottling.
  • Prevent the surface from static buildup.
    It prevents the treated surface from adhesion foreign body such as dust.
    The surface processed with “GAS Glass Primer.” need fewer sanding jobs, and resulting in decrease of dust.

“GAS Glass Primer.” improves your productivity and healthcare also.

  •  Improve your productivity .
    “GAS Glass Primer” prevent the surface from dusts, so you never waste your time for consuming adhesion improving procedures, such as drying and sanding of primers, polishing and dust removal after paint.
  • Reduce adverse influences on a human body.
    “”GAS Glass Primer” does not use any organic solvents or toxic heavy-metal substances.
    It is an environmentally compliant and safe to use product with low impact on human health.



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